Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Arena Football Fan Gets Grabby

I don't know too much about Arena Football, I know it's frowned upon to try and take the ball from a Baseball player who is on his way to catching a home run ball. Here we see the players congratulating the fan, for interfering with the play on the opposing teams player.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Sweet Dreams

So I thought I enjoyed sharing some of this poetry so I thought to share one more.

These candy dreams
Life is all sticky
Melted down candy everywhere
Bubble gum oceans
sugar made Pyramids
chocolate streets
candy cain light-posts
sweet dreams she said.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

S.O.L. (Summer of Love)

I was originally going to be sharing music first. I think I rather start my blog up with some poetry.

I have been writing poetry since I was 12. This gift came from my mother who is my main inspiration for writing and the reason I am so creative. This piece I wrote right away when I first woke up. The dream was so real I knew I had to capture it some how. What better way than to have it in words. That way I can read and picture the dream exactly as it occurred to me.


Last night I had a dream and I met you
we saw eye to eye
something told me you were the one for I,
I mean me
in this dream I was trying to figure out my destiny
could it be
you were the one for me
in that dream
I loved everything about you
in those moments they didn't feel like dreams you see
it was reality speaking to me
I saw myself and you together
I'm looking but I kept my distance
I felt you get close to me you said something in my ear
but I can't quite remember
I know I smiled all I remember

So moments passed and I saw you and I together
sitting and talking wanting to come close for a kiss
we both were shy at first sort of like kids
As I - get closer to you I see your gorgeous face
but some how some way
I can't remember the place -
that I was with you
all I can see is I'm sitting there with you

we had some type of connection
could it be real love with no hesitation

you grabbed my hand and I followed as you walked
we stopped and talked for a moment
speaking of what we were going to do after that moment

I'm trying to figure you out
I see your figure and I see you
a perfect woman and I see that now

So let me enter your love and feel your heat
let me enter your love and feel your heat
let me enter your love and feel your heat

The passion
it was there and it was lasting
I sat back and waited for her to come to me
and it was what it had to be
things will be right
you can't force it
you can't force this and that
and you can't force Love

so I sit back and relax

I see you and I know you see me
I see you and I know you see me
I see you and I know you see me

It was just a dream and I woke up
now I woke up with a broken heart

It was just a dream but I know dreams
come true so I'm sending this letter to you.

Sending this letter to you
Sending this letter to you

- Christopher Wolfe